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Peer - Review Process

Peer - Review Process (Double Blind)

  • In the peer review process the manuscript submitted by the author(s) shall be checked in accordance with the journal's aim and scope. Also, preparation of the manuscript by the author(s) as per formatting style and publication guidelines.
  • Once the manuscript meets the aforesaid journal requirements then it will be emailed to experienced reviewers of similar academic rank, wherein the reviewing takes place in 60-90 working days. The double blind peer review process has been adopted by the TIMER such that the review comments are protected with utmost sanctity and / or freedom of expression without any bias.
  • The review comments by the peer reviewers are again reviewed and ratified by the Editor-in-Chief / Chief Editor / General Editor for completing the review process and finalizing the review comments.
  • The finalized review comments regarding the manuscript shall be commuicated to the author(s) with regard to minor / major revisions.
  • In case of minor or major revisions, the chief editor sets a time line to author(s) for resubmission of the manuscript. The author(s) have to resubmit their revised manuscript for further review. This process will repeat in accordance with the review process by peer reviewers unless the final acceptance and concurrence for publication in TIMER is recommended.
  • In case, the peer reviewers are expressing the rejection of the manuscript at first instance and / or first or second review. The same shall be ratified by the Chief Editor / Editor-in-Chief / General Editor and commuicated to the author(s) accordingly.
  • All the research articles submitted for publication in TIMER are subjected to peer reviews. The decision of Chief Editor / Editor-in-Chief / General Editor stands final with regard to publication of manuscripts in TIMER.